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Nominations for The Autos 2021 are now closed!

We received over 500 nominations for The Autos 2021 and our Judging Panel have reviewed all submissions and our shortlist's can be found here.

We’ll share more information about The Autos 2021 with you soon, so keep your eyes peeled…

The winners will be announced at The Autos 2021 on Thursday 28 January 2021.

Our Nominess


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A reminder of the awards up for grabs are below…



Recognises an individual or team that has achieved fantastic results during the year by working together and building on the strengths of their team members.

Bringing out the Best in Everyone

The Spirit of Cox

Ultimately, ‘The Spirit of Cox’ is about demonstrating all of our guiding principles, with a determination to be a force for good for our team members, our customers and the environment and community in which we serve. The winner of this award will inspire their colleagues, wow their customers and make a difference to the world around us.

Leading by Example

Recognises an individual or team that treats everyone with respect and embodies the inclusive behaviours we want everyone to adopt.

Recognises a brilliant team member who has made a huge difference to the company in a short space of time and who is anticipated to rise quickly through the organisation due to their hard work, creative thinking and leadership skills.

Rising Star

Hidden Hero

Recognises an individual who consistently demonstrates the Cox Automotive values through their hard work and outstanding behaviours. They are the person who you always go to for help and they consistently go above and beyond their day job to drive the business forward and deliver outstanding results.



Innovation Award

Recognises a project, initiative or team that embodies the spirit of Cox Automotive by being brave and entrepreneurial. The award will go to an individual or team who consistently deliver tangible solutions to any problems they face and who has changed the way Cox Automotive do things!

Customer Experience Award

Recognises an individual or team that puts customers at the heart of what they do – consistently delivering great customer service, adding value and getting fantastic feedback.

Team of the Year Award

Recognises a group of team members from anywhere within the organisation who have worked together to deliver an outstanding contribution to the company in 2020 and have demonstrated that they think outside the box to make a difference. The team members do not have to be part of the same function to be considered for this award.

Collaboration Award

Recognises a group of colleagues from across different teams, functions or brands who have joined forces to deliver an enhanced or brand-new process, product or service for our colleagues or customers.

Doing the Right Thing Award  

Cox Automotive is committed to doing good in our communities through volunteering programmes, raising money for charity and making our business more sustainable. This award recognises an individual or team who have strived to make a positive impact in 2020 to the company, the planet or to people…or all three!